About Us

The story behind our business:

The Egyptian Carton Paper Factory was originally founded by the British Mr. Robeir Khoury in 1939 in the Maadi Cement Tora area. At that time, it manufactured multiple thick carton layers whilst having the capacity to produce one tonne per day.

In 1984, the factory’s ownership was transferred to Mr. Kishan Chand, who is native Indian. Mr. Chand upgraded the production line by introducing a semi-automatic German line to its machines, which increased the productivity to five tonnes per day.

Recently in 2003, Mr. Chand handed over the factory’s ownership to the Egyptian Mr. Maher Hosny Farid, with all its assets. In regard of the high demand for the premium cardboard products, Mr. Farid planned to produce all products domestically to increase the daily productivity of the factory. As well as to distinguish between deluxe and basic products to meet the needs of every sector in the market. This master plan achieved its goal, and reached to producing twelve tonnes per day of investment carton.

With substantial success and development in the production of carton, it was decided in 2008 to set in motion a new production line: Paper. The working group at the factory studied the supply and demand for paper products in the market, and it was concluded that the new production line of paper will be implemented. This production line consists of numerous products, such as: Fluting, Testliner, Kraft and Manila, and they are the most prevalent products in the market. The production line of paper was altogether ready with its installation and commissioning by 2013.

Maher Hosny Group for the paper and cardboard production is one of the oldest edifices of industry in Egypt and the Middle East, where work began from the thirties of the last century, which is almost eighty years of manufacturing and development.

Maher Hosny Group is able to provide products with distinctive materials and ordinary materials to meet the needs of all different customers categories.

Maher Hosny Group offers various cardboard products, which can be shaped and printed, also various productive uses with high efficiency.

Maher Hosny Group is distinguished by the production of distinctive and high-quality premium



that is able to withstand high pressure and densities. Our product is environmentally friendly and made from recyclable materials
our production starts from 90: 180 g / sq. m.

Test Liner Paper

is a paper made from recycled materials (Dasht) and consists of two layers and has a rough face and the other is smooth and our production of test is distinctive and luxurious and our production starts from 110: 180 grams / square meter.

The White Top Paper

which is consists of two layers, the upper layer is composed of high-quality bleached fibers and the bottom layer is made from recycled paper and this product is used for flexo printing on the cardboard sheet after the ribbing phase has ended.

the investment carton

The most important characteristic of Maher Hosny Group is the investment carton, and the investment carton is of high quality because we produce it in the form of multi-layer paper and this is distinguished it because our quality is compared to the imported carton

  • capability of forming and drilling and treated as a wooden board MDF + HdF
  • Moisture coefficient of 7: 10%, which makes the carton non-curving after exposure to different adhesion stages
  • - its available in the form of a white face + gray face and we have a two-sided white and also we have in the form of a metallic gold face and the other white one This product is used in the production of sweets dishes
  • Production is carried out according to the customer's standard specifications, and multi-layer production saves effort and energy in end use and also saves cost
  • Available in all densities from 1: 10 mm

Maher Hosny Group is always happy to serve its customers.